Configuration Management

Manage configuration systematically.

There are four major components of what we define as configurations management.

  • Options and variants, is the ability to manage the data of an impossible equation where you have millions of possible product variants.
  • Product Configuration Management, is the ability to modularize your product in such a way that you can allow customers, or sales people to define the product through a series of selections, and to automate the generation of drawings, specifications specific to that product configuration.
  • Multipel BOM Management (Bill Of Material), is the ability to manage the different internal aspects (Manufacturing, Engineering, Service) and views of your BOM before it’s handed over to the material production and delivery process.
  • Linking infrmation to ERP, is the automation of sending information about products and structures from PLM to ERP systems.

Benefits of good Configuration Management are:

  • Shorter time to market
  • Better after market profitability
  • Agile change process
  • Customer satisfaction.
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