Internet of Things (IoT)

We help you to build solutions for smart connected products and systems

Swedish and Nordic companies are in leaders in terms of digitization of processes and products in the world. Internet of Things (IoT), or connected systems as we prefer to call it, creates new opportunities both to develop both new business and to transform and optimize processes.

But how should organizations start when IoT affect several departments, operations and business models at the same time? We at PDSVision are convinced that the methods, tools, platforms and technologies you choose now will play a large role in how successful your investment will be.

Our goal is to help you become successful with your vision regarding digitization of your products and services. You provide the content and we provide platforms and experts that can help you with the technology and systems to work in your applications. We know that when it comes to moving from strategy to implementation, it is important to have access to knowledgeable people who are close and on short notice can help you.

We offer services for:

  • Training of management and users
  • Feasibility study / Proof of concept
  • Introduction of complete system solution
  • Support

We offer solutions for:

  • Complete IoT Platform
  • Machine Learning
  • Augmented Reality
Connected Products and Service

Connected Products and Service

Create digital and connected solutions for your products, service/aftermarket.
Connected Production Facilities

Connected Production Facilities

Use the technology “locally” in your facilities for system monitoring, connections to business systems or maintenance.
Smart Systems of Systems

Smart Systems of Systems

Create smart solutions based on data from many different sources simultaneously.
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