Large assemblies and plants

How large assemblies and plants can be managed in new generation 3D CAD

Developing very large assemblies and plants was always a big challenge in modern 3D CAD. The limits of computers and the heavy 3D files along with a lack of functions, for typical challenges like piping, and structure development made it extremely inefficient and computation time horrendous.

Now with Creo we no longer find this a problem since we can:

  • Handle extremely large sets of data by reducing the on screen content.
  • Manage beam structures, pipes, cables, welds and other construction elements.
  • Light weight representations where engineering tasks can be performed.
  • Store the data in one central repository allowing for many engineers to work on one construction simultaneously.

Customers have reported that our projects have had the following benefits:

  • Improved modularization capability.
  • Increased reuse between projects.
  • Significantly shortened lead times in development.
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