Industrial design and advanced surfacing

The impact of improved product appearance

The automotive industry has long been working with advanced shapes and large scale industrial design, in order to dazzle the customers. This trend moved into consumer goods and now we are also seeing the same trend in all kind of product development. Customers will no longer accept that the machines, displays, pumps, valves, looks outdated. We all remember the years when Ericsson lost a lot of customers to Nokia simply because of product design and user interface.

From a development perspective, this trend leads to a companies need to manage:

  • Input of design data from 2D sketches to 3D surfaces.
  • Advanced surfaces and rounds, even on standard machines.
  • Ability to do “visual prototyping” in the CAD and PLM tool.

Working with Creo, we find a complete tool, managing the entire design process. It works all the way from capturing an early sketch, into the very advanced surfaces determining the small errors in tangency that would make the appearance look and feel rough. The uniqueness of Creo is the ability to manage all of the steps as an integrated solution helping companies become more efficient when design changes are made.

This give us:

  • Shortened lead time.
  • Ability to change designs late in projects.
  • Better integration to industrial designers.
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