Quality Assurance Checker

Quality Assurance Checker

Product Development is the birthplace of product information and also the place to control the values of names, attributes and other standards. Once it´s time for release another gate must pass and we need to ensure good quality of documentation.

For the control part we have developed PDS QA-Checker. This tool can be implemented into Windchill PDMLink as part of a workflow or a built in button and will control all data in a complete structure as well as help ensuring data quality before a product release.

When transferring data to ERP it is important to control the data validity in order to avoid errors with regards to:

  • Production according to drawings
  • Incomplete information
  • Rework and change

QA Checker is a tool, enabling control of data to:

  • Secure and validate information
  • Discover problems early in the process
  • Assist and guide users
  • Stop incorrect data from reaching consumers
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