Creo Publish

Creo Publish

Creo Publish is versatile application for extracting information from 3D CAD. With Creo Publish you can easily get material lists, as well as geometrical information to be used in downstream systems.


  • Creo Publish improves the usage of materials and gives basis for expenses and material usage calculation
  • Reporting can include example: parameters, mass properties, quantities and a lot more
  • Numerical data calculated
  • Filtering and sorting data
  • Reports can be transferred to ERP in XML, SOAP or CSV formats
  • Report format can easily be tailored
  • With Creo Classification you get a total solution for entering and extracting information.

Also includes: Creo Link

Our Creo Link Connect PTC Creo Parametric to external systems.

Business value

  • Improves data quality and minimize errors in it.
  • Reduce time from design to manufacturing.
  • Produce the reports and lists that procurement and manufacturing needs quickly.
  • Improves the usage of materials and gives basis for expenses and material usage.
  • All which is very important in order to reduce carbon foot print of products.
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