Creo Configurator

Creo Configuration

Product Development is the birthplace of product information and also the place to control the values of names, attributes and other standards. Once it´s time for release another gate must pass and we need to ensure good quality of documentation.

New options and variants in minutes!

Creo Configurator saves time and speeds up the generation of drawings for automated products. A new unique design is created in just a couple of minutes. Minutes rather than hours to create new options and variants! The configurator combines the intelligence in MS Excel together with the powerful assembly management in PTC Creo Parametric.

Business value

  • Model/drawing generation
  • Reduction in development time for volume products
  • Up to 75% time reduction for automated products
  • Standardized product structure
  • Less items in ERP equals less cost
  • Less variations creates less mistakes
  • Standardized document structure makes manufacturing “easy”,
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