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Many organizations rely on a wide range of tools to make digital product design content. Yet, as it is increasingly necessary for many people to be able to access and analyze the data, so it is essential to have access to intuitive, powerful visualization tools to make this possible. Creo View MCAD allows you to easily visualize products as part of your 3D product design, while also accessing essential engineering data.

View MCAD can be used with data from all major MCAD and ECAD tools. Additionally, it can be used with design drawings, documentations and imagery from multiple sources. Plus, there is no need to have access to the native authoring application. It is now possible for everyone in an organization to contribute to the design process, in real-time or through using mark-ups.

There are two major products within Creo View:

  • Creo View ECAD.
  • Creo View MCAD.

As Creo View ECAD and Creo View MCAD both leverage the same structure, users are able to execute functions across both, for example cross app probes of ECAD/MCAD abstraction.

Features and benefits:

  • Increase efficiency by allowing users to easily share visual data throughout the organization for 3D product design.
  • Visualize heterogeneous MCAD data, images, PCB designs and documents in a single environment, without native authoring applications.
  • Supply improved, model-based definitions, with annotations and details, for your quality, inspection and manufacturing engineers.
  • Precisely calculate, section and evaluate 3D models, and amass product parts and compound product structures.
  • Collaborate on 3D product design with centrally retained digital product information using both markups and real-time input.
  • Search schematic CAE and physical PCB CAD databases, all without using ECAD design tools, for library, schematic, PCB and BOM data.
  • Allow for visualization of the complete electronic product, including its 3D model
  • Question intelligent design data, including component, pin and net attributes.
  • Follow net connectivity across the schematic to PCB by pin function, to identify bad signal sources.
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