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The value of you developing your skills as a design engineer, your understanding of your company’s products etc. cannot be overrated. Also the value of early analysis is unquestionable when it comes to the company value in reduced cost, time to market and increased quality.

If you, as a design engineer, ask yourself these questions at an early stage in the design process, you will more likely “get it right from the start”. With the tool Creo Simulate in your hands, you will have the opportunity to ask these questions and get answers, early in the design process – without leaving the CAD environment.

As the software is fully embedded in the CAD-environment you will have the opportunity to analyze your design without passing it to a calculation department. Once your inputs are entered and you have run a first analysis, you can then easily change your design and re-run the analysis, to optimize your product, all the time staying in the CAD-environment. In addition, with Creo Simulate, you are able to set up optimization’s that can handle contradicting requirements, such as stress, deformation and mass. You can then let Creo Simulate find the appropriate combination of your design parameters that will result in an optimal shape. For certain types of design problems, it is actually impossible to find an optimal solution without the kind of support that Creo Simulate can offer.

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