Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager

Model Manager

Elements/Direct Model Manager (formerly CoCreate Model Manager), is an integrated product data management (PDM) solution for Elements/Direct, and has been specially written for highly iterative, “work-in-progress” design environments. Its tight integration to the design environment ensures that automated product data management comes naturally to the design process spanning from sandbox concepts to released product designs.

As the essential companion to product design, Elements/Direct Model Manager orchestrates development efforts and organizes 3D and 2D CAD data and associated files within a central database.

Features & Benefits

  • Automate processes and eliminate errors with ownership, revision, and state control.
  • Provide open and controlled access to design data with status updates and notifications.
  • Leverage existing part and assembly designs with Search and Where Used, to speed product development.
  • Orchestrate teamwork with effective management of 3D to 2D associativity, part comparisons, and engineering-related documents for co-located or distributed teams.
  • Load product designs using lightweight models, ideal for the design of large assemblies and complex products.

Model Manager Suite

This suite of applications extends Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager (Formerly CoCreate Model Manager) to provide Document, MultiCAD, Multi-Site and Process Management options.

The Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager solution is a best in class PDM / PLM solution incorporating a Part centric engineering change management core with superb BOM (Bill of Material) Management.

Our PDSVision solution suite extends this base footprint with easy to implement, use and administer functionality to cover all the basic requirements of companies involved in Design Engineering. In this Digital age we all create and maintain serious amounts of data the goes far beyond 2D drawings and 3D models. A typical Engineer also creates many other document types using WORD, Excel, Email and many other office based applications. The anydocs solutions provides an easy to use document management extention to Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager.

The PDM replicator and PLM workflow modules enable you to manage and streamline your processes beyond straight part and document management. These are key features of any PLM solution for organizations competing in the ever increasingly competitive global market.

PDM Anydocs

PDM Anydocs

PDM Anydocs allows you to manage product and project documentation, whilst working effectively in a team environment
PLM Workflow

PLM Workflow

PLM Workflow extends Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager by allowing users to manage data and control their business processes, through graphical workflow descriptions.
PDM Replicator

PDM Replicator

PDM Replicator extends Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager by enabling multi-site or global design management.
PDM Integrator

PDM Integrator

PDM Integrator provides design teams the ability to create, change, up issue and stores their design data in a managed and controlled environment. With a common user interface users can easily work on designs from a single or multiple CAD systems. More in this category.
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