Three-dimensional virtual prototypes help improve product quality and speed time-to-market.

3D CAD Modeling for innovative Product Development

3D modeling software revolutionized the product design process when it was first introduced. Being able to create 3D virtual prototypes not only improved the quality of the products but also shorten the time-to-market. There is two approaches to work with 3D CAD, parametric or direct modeling. These two approaches addresses the same challenges in the market but with two different approaches to reach the same goal. We have now bring these two worlds together and uses the strength in these two solutions to give you the best 3D CAD solution in the market.

Difference between parametric and direct modeling

With a parametric approach you uses parameters to define a design’s features and relationships between features. If you change a parameter to a feature the whole design will be changed. It perfect for creating accurate, re-usable and reliable designs. Direct modeling approach is all about the designs CAD geometry. It´s easy, flexible and is the perfect CAD solutions for One-off products, interactions and working with various file formats.

Creo Parametric – formely Pro/ENGINEER

Tthe most extensive application, this is where you will find all your traditional CAD applications, extensions and general solutions.

Elements/Direct modeling – formerly CoCreate

If you like the direct modeling approach, you will love Elements/Direct Modeling. The world´s most used and known 3D CAD solution for direct modeling.

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