Signifikant – Aftermarket Portal

Signifikant is an aftermarket sales and document delivery tool that can change the way you go to market with spare parts and documentation.

To keep your service level efficient at low cost their is a need for some kind of content delivery solution where spare part information, service bulletines and last but not least spare part information can be found. Normally these solutions are expensive and custom built for each case – but what if there was an affordable and packaged solution available?

With Signifikant our partner Signifikant have created just that, a low cost and efficient way of providing correct, complete and accessible information about product structures and product information, spare parts, e-shopping, diagnosis, service information and feedback.

Key benefits with using Signifikant after market portal

  • Increased aftermarket sales! Making it easy for your customers to find what they need and get what they order will benefit your after market sales.
  • Increase the accuracy and efficiency when working with aftermarket information. The same individual can produce much more information, often new type of information or deeper information that gives increased support to the service organization.
  • Direct access to all aftermarket information, regardless if the information has its origin in a PDM system, ERP system or any other system.
  • The information is cleaned in Assert giving high quality information, which reduces the risk of expensive mistakes.
  • Increased services efficiency. A strong tool for the service organization increases the efficiency through faster access to correct information and more complete information about the product.
  • Feedback. Through feedback from the services and market organization correct conclusions can be drawn to continuously improve the products.
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